Green Charcoal
For The World

We want to replace wood and conventional coal as fuel with our biochar, thereby protecting rainforests, reducing CO2 emissions and improving the living standards of people around the world.


The Challenge

More than 3 billion people still cook with solid fuels. The most important of these is wood. Although in many African countries deforestation for firewood production is now illegal, almost 3 million hectares of threatened rainforest disappear every year. In addition, the prices for conventional fuels are rising steadily. Many households depend on these fuels for cooking and get into financial difficulties.






Our Solution

We have developed a low-cost system that can be used to produce biochar from crop residues. The coal burns cleaner and more efficiently than wood. Everything that is not used for personal consumption can be sold at a profit. By encouraging farmer cooperatives to engage in a lucrative biochar side business, we increase the basic income of the local smallholders and generate financial security for the project in the future.