Terra Preta new

Terra Preta:

Our biochar can help earth more than saving rainforest and help people to produce there own fuel! That’s what we want to show with our new project Terra Preta. Within the cooperation with the initiative Humisson we want to improve drought-prone soil through Terra Preta.

But what exactly is Terra Preta ?

Terra Preta is a method used by the indigenous people of the American continent to make infertile soils fertile. This requires organic waste microogranisms (EM), nutrients and charcoal.

With our new associate, we now aim to implement a Terra Preta technique in Malawi to restore fertility to drought-stricken soils. As a result, the people on site will once again be able to enjoy greater food security.

The Benefits

  1. stores both, nutrients and water
  2. offers good drainage. Downpour seeps into the ground instead of washing it away.
  3. fixes carbon in the soil for thousands of years -2Kg/m2 > 334.000.000t for German farmland-
  4. builds up a fertile humus layer
  5. offers additional output of up to 250% -corn/pumpkin-

How to produce Terra Preta

The Methode:


We offer a step by step Manual on how to produce and use Terra Preta effectivly.

Our methode to produce Terra Preta is to amend your compost with biochar. For this you will need a compost and 10-20% of the compost volume in biocharcoal.

The biochar needs to be crushed into bits no bigger than pea size. We recommend that you moisten the biochar before crushing, so it doesn’t stir up a lot of dust. Crushing can happen by just smashing it with heavy objects, such as rocks, logs or driving over it with a car. Just be careful not to hurt yourself.
When the chrushed biocharcoal will naturally vary in sizes. This is a good thing, as the smallest coal particles can be transported deeper in the ground by rain.

the story so far

Our Terra Preta experience

Our Testsides:

We first made our own Test runs in Germany which produced fertile soil and good drainage. But to test our method in the right conditions we reached out to partners in Afrika to run tests in their climate. Right now we have two sides. One in Malawi with our Patner Humission and one in Namibia with Pro Namibian Chidrens. The first results we got were very satifying. You will get details updates soon!