Rwanda 2019

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The trip to Rwanda in November and December 2019 took place as planned and was a complete success. Here is a little travel report:

After we met with our longtime partner Leonidas in Kigali and were warmly welcomed by him, we introduced new safety measures at his production site.
The pyrolysis systems were equipped with our new system modification and the employees were trained on site. The effectiveness of this modification was then tested directly – with great results! We are now able to almost completely prevent the development of smoke during coal production.
In the following week we met with numerous representatives of Rwandan governmental organizations. This resulted in an official partnership with the Rwandan Cooperative Agency (RCA) – the perfect partner for us. Why? The RCA organises all cooperatives in Rwanda and is therefore a very powerful authority. Farmers in particular form cooperatives throughout the country. As supervisor and initiator of these cooperatives, the RCA has excellent contacts and representatives in all districts of the country.
This is how it came about that with the help of RCA we were able to introduce ourselves to several farmer associations in the eastern Rwamagana District. In two of them we were already able to set up pyrolysis systems, unfortunately there was not enough time for more. We will make up for this on the next trip!
Furthermore we entered into a partnership with the American NGO “Gardens for Health”. At the Gardens for Health farm, which is located in a suburb of Kigali, locals are taught how to grow and process nutrient-rich food ecologically. We have set up another of our systems there and introduced the employees to its use. The NGO can gain valuable knowledge from the many different types of crop waste that are produced there and will pass this on to us.
We are also in contact with the Rwandan Ministry of the Environment, with whom we are working on certification as an official environmental project.
Our time in Rwanda has filled us with the strong conviction that we can achieve great things. Since then, everyone has been working on the project with even greater motivation and we can hardly wait to be back on site!

If the travel report piqued your interest, visit our gallery ( to get visual impressions of the trip.