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You already have a pyrolysis system but it is not in use all the time? 

Maybe building your own business by renting out your pyrolysis barrel is an opportunity for you! You can earn money by investing in pyrolysis systems and making them available to others. 

Construction Plan

In this business model your customers produce coal with the barrels you provide. This means that you do not have to invest time in the pyrolysis itself. Your job is to lend or sell the barrels to others. With this business your system is used more frequently, with the effect of earning money or coal without really spending time on your system. 

To build up your business you can start with one or two barrels. Over time you could invest in more barrels to expand your business. 

Except the barrels, you need a place where your customers can pyrolize their materials. This has to be an open piece of land (e.g. on a field) so that the gases which come out of the smokestack during the pyrolysis have no influence on the surrounding houses. This could be the place where you already pyrolized for your own needs. You could also offer your customers to take the barrels home with them for a certain period of time. 

Another advantage of “Rent to own” is that you do not have to worry about the material to be pyrolized. Your customers use their own harvest waste etc. to produce biochar. 

As you may have noticed, the customers are the most important point to be successful. It is essential that you inform about your rental company. You have to advertise. This means spreading the word about biochar, pyrolysis and its profits. The more people rent your barrel, the more money you can earn. This way you can invest in more barrels and rent out to even more customers. Maybe you are also a metal worker or you know one. Then you could also think about selling the tons additionally. You will find instructions on how to build in our Construction Plan. 

Now why did we call this system Rent to own 

First, you offer your customers to pay in installments for the rental tons while they are already using the tons. After they paid the price for the ton, they have the chance to take them home. 

The price the customer has to pay for such a system is calculated from the basic price you have to invest and the profit you want to make on the ton. The advantage for customers is that they do not have to pay the full price immediately, but can pay off the system over a period of time. To be able to offer this concept, it is of natural sense to already have several tons. 

 As payment you can again consider two different possibilities. On the one hand you can get paid with money, on the other hand you could demand a share of the produced coal. For both options it is important that you calculate the price per time. This means that even in the case “Being payed with biochar”, you will receive a certain amount of biochar for a certain time. 

Instruction Manual

Business Plan

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