Pyrolysis System

We developed a sustainable carbonization system that turns biological waste into charcoal briquettes. The produced biochar burns cleaner and more efficiently than wood. Tackling the existing health and environmental problems, RecyCoal also guarantees sustainability by generating a business prospect for our people in need. Already existing farmers´ cooperatives are given the chance to produced environmentally sound recycled biochar, sell biochar briquettes and thus increase their income.

The fundamental method of RecyCoal is the use of a low cost and simple pyrolysis system. As a kiln for the pyrolysis system, serves a simple standard steel barrel, in which biological waste can be thermochemically transformed into Green Charcoal. During the process, pyrolysis gases such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, hydrocarbons and pyrolysis oil accumulate as a by-product. In Return the charcoal is created, which has lower weight and volume compared to the input-biomass but at the same time an increased calorific value, which reduces storage and transport costs while increasing firing time.

Pyrolysis is a thermochemical treatment, which can be applied to any organic (carbon-based) product, like green waste, leaves, husks, shells. In this treatment, material is exposed to high temperature, while in absence of oxygen. This makes it mostly endothermic process that ensure high energy content in the products received. Pyrolysis products always produce solid (charcoal), liquid and non-condensable gases (H2, CH4, CnHm, CO, CO2 and N).