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What is Pyrolysis?

Pyrolysis describes the process of thermal decomposition of materials in an atmosphere free of oxygen. Organic material changes into a volatile, carbon rich, char-like substance, which will be of higher calorific-value than the input material. Usable charcoal can be created by changing the chemical composition of crop waste via  controlled pyrolysis.

How can we use Pyrolysis ?

We developed a sustainable carbonization system that turns biological waste into charcoal briquettes. The produced biochar burns cleaner and more efficiently than wood. Tackling the existing health and environmental problems, RecyCoal also guarantees sustainability by generating a business prospect for our people in need.

The fundamental method of RecyCoal is the use of a low cost and simple pyrolysis system. A standard steel barrel, in which biological waste can be thermochemically transformed in green charcoal, serves as the kiln for the system. The process operates at high temperatures, releasing various gases (H2, CH4, CO2, CO, CnHm, N), and yielding the concentrated charcoal

Our Information material :

Blue Print:

Use our blueprint to built your System.

Construction manual:

Here you will find our Text guidances on how to build a barrel.

Safety Information:

This is for your safty! Read it carefully.


We give you a step by step guidance on how to use the barrel.

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The story so far…

Our pyrolysis Journey

In 2016, we started our cooperation with the private waste management company COPED in Rwanda, Central Africa and formed a strong partnership with Leonidas, the founder and owner of DEYI Ltd. During our cooperation from November 2016 until today we made five journeys to Kigali to realise our project, with more journey to come. During 2020 we worked on several system improvements and our remote communication with the strong partners we have. Now in 2021 we are planning to travel to Malawi and Rwanda to reach more peope up close. Futhermore we have established various connections in africa, such as our strong partnership with Hummision e.V.. 

Will be updated soon!