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You are into making biochar but don’t have as much resources as you are able to process? 

You don’t have any biomass yourself but still would like to earn money by producing biochar? 

Construction Plan

You are into producing biochar but do not have as much biological resources as you are able to process? Even if you do not have any biomass yourself but still want to earn money by producing biochar we offer you a business idea. 

If you own one or more pyrolysis systems you can utilize unused biomass from farmers which would otherwise go to waste.   
They simply drop their biomass at your facility where you can process it into biochar. 

As payment you could get a fixed percentage of the biochar produced. Otherwise the customer could pay you a fixed salary and receives all the product in turn.

Using the produced biochar for your own cooking will bring you two benefits.  

1: You can save money because you do not have to buy coal any longer.  

2: Our biochar is more efficient than conventional coal and therefore boils water faster. 

If the amount you get is too much for your own use, you can also sell it at the market at a profit.  

Now, what would you require? 
First you need a space to produce charcoal. Since there will be smoke on some occasions, your location should be on a countryside or as far away from neighbors as possible. If you plan to produce in a large scale, you need a space to store your produced goods. 

Secondly you need one or more pyrolysis systems. You will find instructions on how to build a system in our Construction Plan. You yourself, a friend or your trusted metal worker can build it according to these instructions. 

You also need enough (free) time for your side business (see info). 
Marketing is also an important point of having a functioning business. So, make sure people around know they can turn their biowaste into biochar at your facility. 

If you are interested go through our info and learn more about your new business or contact us if you have got further questions.

Instruction Manual

Business Plan

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