Our Mission

The Need

Throughout Africa people suffer from smoke poisoning caused by indoor cooking. This is the result of open fireplaces and unsuitable fuels. Due to the traditional distribution of roles, children and women are most affected. Diseases such as pneumonia and lung cancer are prevalent. Among African children, Pneumonia alone is responsible for 20% of 11 million annual deaths. 

Our Solution

With our biochar we want to solve 3 problems.

1) Biochar burns cleaner and therefore minimizes health risks. In this way we want to increase both: the standard of living and life expectancy.

2) Since our biochar consists of harvest waste, there is no need to cut down valuable rainforest for it. Through this we want to do our part to preserve the rainforest

3) With our system Biochar is also cheap to produce. In addition, farmers can sell their excess coal and thereby generate additional income. Thus the financial burden can be lifted.