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Our activ members:

right now we have 10 activ RecyCoal members

Who we are:

The Aachen-based RecyCoal team was founded in early 2016 and has since then seen the involvement of more than twenty students. Consistently, the team draws inspiration from various backgrounds, with members pursuing degrees in around ten unique disciplines ranging from Engineering and Biotechnology to Media Communications. During weekly group meetings an exchange among each other takes place. Ideas are developed together and lead to a progress. The members invest their private time and resources towards a shared goal: Fighting the consequences of solid-fuel-use in developing countries (for indoor cooking).

Our project RecyCoal is part of Enactus Aachen e.V.,  a social-entrepreneurial non-profit initiative dedicated to create better living standards for people in need. The organization is based on the simple principle “helping people help themselves” to realize a sustainable development. Enactus is a global active student society which has morethan 72.000 students taking entrepreneurial actions. Enactus has chapters at 1730 campuses in 36 countries around the world. Enactus Aachen e. V. has 8 projects and 2 ressorts all following goal of entrepreneurial actions to change the world step-by-step with more than 100 members. 

Our project RecyCoal is part of Enactus Aachen e.V. because with the construction and use of pyrolysis system, we are helping people to improve their lives. The goals of sustainability are also anchored in our project work. We are fighting against poverty,  against health issues, for affordable and clean energy and for industry, innovation and infrastructure, for sustainable cities and communities. We are committed to climate protection and want to preserve life on land by reducing rainforest deforestation with our system.

Read more about Enactus Aachen e.V.

Our Partners:

making biochar at DEYI

Leonidas DEYI Limited

In 2018 DEYI Ltd has established an agreement of cooperation with ENACTUS Aachen e.V. of partnership of Recycoal. The project concept were based on a sustainable carbonization system that turns biological waste in charcoal. Up to now DEYI has *** systems implemented.

We use this technology for sterilization of Mushroomtubes and we sell a part of our produced biochar to the local households (neighbors). One kg of our recycoal charcoal costs 200 Rfw. In comparison the charcoal from the wood cost 300 Rfw.

Before we used RecyCoal DEYI had to spend 40.000 Rfw in order to cook 5.000 tubes. Using The pyrolysissystem we only have to spend 15.000Rfw for the material used for cooking those tubes. For us the RecyCoalcharcoal is more beneficial than using wood.


Omar owns a local metall work shop in Kigali. He has already produced RecyCoal- Systems for us and is happy to help you out if you want to buy one in Kigali. For further contact please contact us.


Humission is an Aachen based social Start up. We are working with them on the topic Terra Preta in Malawi since 2020 and are going to run a Test field in large scale. If you want to know more about Humission visit their website. They also sell delicious fairtrade coffee produced in Malawi.

Sertel Ascioglu – Ernst & Young

Sertel is our second Business Advisor from Ernst &
Young, more know as EY, and working as Senior Manager in the department of Advisory Services.

Sertel has a lot of experiences in founding and marketing
and is always keen to help us out with ideas, feedback and contacts.

He has found a social business in the Region of Aachen
himself a couple of years ago and is therefore the perfect fit. He knows the area in Aachen as he has studied here as well and a great reputation as consultant.

He is most exited about our future in terms of marketing and
really wants to make our project more known in Germany and the world.

Jorrit Dirnhaus – Covestro

Jorrit is Physician at Covestro and working in the field of
process control.

He likes the Engagement of all members of RecyCoal and is especially interested in the Region as he has several years of own experience in the field of development aid and has worked for a student society back in the days.

In the future, Jorrit is most curious about the acceptance of our green corncob coal and the success of RecyCoal in terms of marketing and expanding to new places to empower more people around the world.