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How coal can change the world

We have developed a low cost easy to use Pyrolysis-System, which can turn harvest waste into useful biocharcoal.

Status Quo

More than 3 billion people around the world cook with solid fuels. The most frequently used one is wood. Although in many African countries deforestation for firewood production is now illegal, almost 3 million hectares of threatened rainforest disappear every year. In addition, the prices for conventional fuels are rising steadily.


Green Charcoal for the World – We want to replace wood and conventional coal as fuel with our biochar, thereby protecting rainforests, reducing CO2 emissions and improving the living standards of many people.


We developed a sustainable carbonization system that turns biological waste into charcoal briquettes. The produced biochar burns cleaner and more efficiently than wood. Tackling the existing health and environmental problems, RecyCoal also guarantees sustainability by generating a business prospect for our people using our System.

Our Biocharcoal

The Raw Material

You can use any organic waste product you have, like green waste, leaves, husks, shells. We recommend empty cornspindels. The are already in briquette shape after the pyrolysis and are ready to use.


Pyrolysis is a thermochemical treatment, which can be applied to any organic (carbon-based) product. The material is exposed to high temperature, while in absence of oxygen. After the pyrolysis only the precious carbon structure remains. – biocharcoal

The pyrolysis system

The RecyCoal system turns approximately 21 kg harvest waste into 7 kg of biocharcoal in 90 minutes. You can built it by yourself or order at your nearest metal shop with our instruction manuals and blueprints.

Terra Preta

Our biocharcoal can be used for more than just cooking or barbecue. With a special treatment you can produce Terra Preta, a fertile umus layer. Right now we are trying out this concept with our partners in Malawi and Namibia.

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