for the World

Replace wood and conventional charcoal with our ecological biochar. Produced out of harvest waste it protects our forests, reduces CO2 emissions and improves the living standards of people around the world, who rely on solid fuels for cooking. 

The Final Chapter of Firewood

One third of the global population cook on solid fuels, which primarily consists of firewood. According to the UN, cooking on untreated firewood leads to indoor air pollution, which leads to approximatly 3 million premature deaths anually. In sub saharan countries 70% of the population rely on firewood. The demand has outgrown the supply which leads to an unsustainable deforestation. The induced supply shortage of fuel then results in the rise of firewood and charcoal prices. The first countries are implementing even stricter measures, thus the use of firewood and charcoal is completely prohibited.
Damage to Respitory Systems
Progressing Deforestation
Rising Charcoal Prices
Charcoal Regulations

A Small Step with Great Impact

We have developed a small scale low-cost pyrolysis system which can produce biochar out of crop residues. Our biochar is for cooking more efficient and leads to 83% less indoor air pollution compared to untreated wood. With biochar we offer an alternative that can be available everywhere in a short time. One of our USPs is that consumer behavior can remain as our biochar has similar properties to charcoal. Unlike conventional charcoal, there is no need to cut down forests. Therefore, our biochar is in contrast to charcoal independent of this scarce raw material.

Empowering people with Sustainable Biochar

By encouraging locals to engage in a sustainable and profitable biochar business, we increase the basic income and generate financial security for the project in the future. With our systems we provide technical solutions which enable people to use crop residues as a new resource. We preserve forests and prevent indoor air pollution, which leads to a healthier planet and increase the opportunities of its people.
With our biochar are going to revolutionize the market for solid fuels!